Transportation impacts

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September 8, 2021


Good Morning NMPS Families,


A few moments ago, we heard from All Star Transportation Company, the NMPS transportation vendor, regarding updates in driver shortages that we are working hard to address. The bus company has used all of their sub drivers, they do not have additional buses and they have called surrounding towns inquiring about support for these runs. Please know that I understand what a difficult situation this puts families in and we certainly understand the undue stress it places on you. In an effort to help, my office has reached out to several transportation companies, even those out of state, to see if these runs can be covered for this week, but they are unable to do so as they too are facing driver shortages. If any changes/updates are to happen, I will inform you immediately.


This shortage may impact your child's bus ride home this afternoon and/or to and from school this week. 


Please see the message below from our transportation provider regarding these changes.


Patty Cote, All-Star's Terminal Manager, wrote the following:


Update to NMHS Bus 12 Parents: All-Star combined two high school routes to free up a driver for bus 12 for NMHS for am/pm. This means that bus 12 NMHS students only will be able to take the bus home from school this afternoon and throughout this week in the morning and afternoon.


*The following buses/routes All-Star is not able to cover for the remainder of the week due to driver shortage but will provide the district with daily updates.


All-Star will be notifying the High School that bus 27 students will go onto Bus 14 for the rest of the week and if needed on Monday as well.


09/08 – All-Star is not able to cover these routes this afternoon: Bus 12 (SNIS), Bus 16 (NMHS & SNIS)


09/09 – PM:  All-Star is not able to cover Bus 12 (SNIS), Bus 16 (NMHS & SNIS), Bus 33 (SMS & SNIS)


09/10 – PM:  All-Star is not able to cover Bus 12 (SNIS), Bus 16 (NMHS & SNIS)


Your child’s school will be reaching out to you directly over the course of today to discuss your pick-up plan for this afternoon. Again, we apologize for the concern this causes you and we sincerely thank you for your understanding and for your support during this difficult time.