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Athletic Coaches and Contacts



Athletic Department Contacts


Athletic Director - Keith Lipinsky ( - 860-350-6647 ext. 1411

Athletic Trainer - Tim Lampron ( - 860-350-6647 ext. 1413





Cheerleading                                         TBA

Cross Country (Boys)                            Chris Bacich -

Cross Country (Girls)                             Giles Vaughan -

Dance                                                   TBA

Field Hockey                                         Dawn Hough -

Football                                                Chuck Lynch -

Boys Soccer                                         Greg LaCava -

Girls Soccer                                          Jason Stock -

Swim/Diving (Girls)                                Cheryl Caridad -

Volleyball                                              Tony Nocera -

Unified Soccer                                       Mark Grant -



Basketball (Boys)                                  Al Tolomeo

Basketball (Girls)                                   Bill Kersten

Cheerleading                                         TBA

Dance                                                   TBA

Gymnastics                                            Bethany Mihaly 

Ice Hockey                                            Scott Capriglione

Indoor Track(Boys)                                Ryan Rebstock

Indoor Track (Girls)                                Ryan Rebstock

Swim/Diving (Boys)                               Rob Nathan

                                                            Rory Perry

 Wrestling                                             Chris Piel



Baseball                                               Ryan Johnson

Golf (Boys)                                           Jim Mullin

 Lacrosse (Boys)                                   Evan Cassells

 Lacrosse (Girls)                                    Greg LaCava 

 Softball                                               Frank Bonacci

Tennis (Boys)                                        TBA

Tennis (Girls)                                         Jason Arnauckas

Track & Field (Boys)                              Ryan Rebstock

Track & Field (Girls)                               Casey Gawlak

Unified Track & Field                              Victoria Giudice


ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT WEBSITE:                                          

Current Schedules, Cancellations, Directions, Information

ATHLETIC DEPARTMEN TWITTER ACCOUNT                          @GoGreenWaveNM

Cancellations/postponements, Varsity results and other NMHS Athletic news

SWC WEBSITE                                                                           

Conference standings, past champions and other important information

CIAC WEBSITE                                                                          

Directions, Information, Sign up for emails about schedule changes