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Athletic Boosters

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Athletic Boosters

Mission Statement
To foster an interest in New Milford High School athletic activities, both for boys and girls, and create an active interest and spectator participation by the townspeople, as well as promote projects for the betterment of "GREEN WAVE ATHLETES".

What does the Booster Club do?
While each sports team is focused on their individual activities, the Booster Club focuses on the Athletic Department which is the sum of its parts. We are primarily parents who are working to help financially in times when budgets are tight.

Gifts to the Athletes:
·        Large Scoreboard at Wiser Stadium
·        $ 11,000 state of the art sound system
·        $ 5,000 in scholarships offered yearly
·         Championship banners

Concessions are offered at the Booster Barn during the Fall and Spring home games held in the Joe Wiser stadium.

Booster wish list
To have a large group of people full of ideas and energy, who are similarly interested in providing opportunities for the NMHS Athletes.
Additional fundraising could be done with many parents involved.

Everyone is encouraged to come with thoughts and ideas. Volunteers are always needed; the more there is – the more we can do!



NMHS Booster Club
P.O. Pox 361, New Milford, CT 06776