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New Milford High School  Administrative  Staff


 New Milford High School Principal

Mr. Greg Shugrue - Principal

      Mr. Greg Shugrue   .
        To contact Mr. Shugrue:  Telephone (860) 350-6647 x1174       Envelope  Email

New Milford High School has three assistant principals:


Mr. Kevin Best  oversees students  whose last names begin A-G. 
To contact Mr. Best:  Telephone (860) 350-6647 x1168       Envelope Email

Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis - Asst. Principal

Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis oversees students whose last names begin H-O.
To contact Mrs. Curtis:  Telephone (860) 350-6647 x1303       Envelope  Email

 Ms. Linda Scoralick - Asst. Principal

Ms. Linda Scoralick oversees students whose last names begin P-Z. 
To contact Ms. Scoralick: Telephone (860) 350-6647 x2122      Envelope  Email



Mr. Keith Lipinsky - Athletic Director

 Mr. Keith Lipinsky is the Athletic Director.
To contact Mr. Lipinsky: Telephone (860) 350-6647 x1411       Envelope  Email

Ms. Tracy-Ann Menzies - Supervisor of Special Education 

 Ms. Tracy-Ann Menzies is the Supervisor of Special Education.
To contact Ms. Menzies: Telephone (860) 350-6647 x2306       Envelope  Email