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The Career Center is located in room 1101 and staffed by Mrs. Neill. Mrs. Neill, in conjunction with the school counselors, provides students with a full range of post secondary planning. Stop by and experience the many benefits of our comprehensive career center. You can find information on college, career and employment services including career planning and assessment, occupational information, internships, and job listings. Mrs. Neill can be reached by phone at (860) 350-6647 ext. 1101 or by e-mail at


The Career Center is very busy in October and November as over 90 colleges and universities send recruiters to meet with interested students. This year’s list included all CT state schools, Navy ROTC, and many private schools such as Providence College, Fordham University, Brandeis, University of New Hampshire etc. All schools and appointment times are advertised ahead of time to students and parents in the monthly guidance Grapevine newsletter.

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